Members Markets Review Ichimoku, Candlestick and Fibonacci analysis for February 13th 2018

Members Markets Review Ichimoku, Candlestick and Fibonacci analysis for February 13th 2018
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BITCOIN FREE Chart of the Day Ichimoku, Candlestick and Fibonacci analysis for February 12th 2018

BITCOIN FREE Chart of the Day Ichimoku, Candlestick and Fibonacci analysis for February 12th 2018
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Members Markets Review Ichimoku, Candlestick and Fibonacci analysis for February 12th 2018

Members Markets Review Ichimoku, Candlestick and Fibonacci analysis for February 12th 2018
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What is Ichimoku Kinko Hyo? 一目均衡表

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 一目均衡表 or 'equilibrium at a glance' chart highlights higher probability trades in Securities markets. It is relatively new to Western Technical Analysis, but it's popularity has been increasing amongst financial markets traders.

Ichimoku charts applies a series of indicators on one chart, allowing traders to assess price action in three time frames - long, medium and short. This style of analysis enables the trader to see the 'whole' picture for any particular security.

A basic understanding of the components that make up the Ichimoku chart is essential to effectively applying this trading method. The method was developed in the 1920's and released to the public in 1968 by Tokyo financial journalist, Goichi Hosoda. It is believed that he employed more than 10,000 university students to backtest the indicators which came to make up the Ichimoku trading method.

Ichimoku charts is commonly used by many Japanese trading rooms because it offers multiple assessments of price action in many time frames and suggests trades with higher or lower probability for success. Traders new to the method may be confused by the 'busy looking' Ichimoku charts but a basic understanding of the indicators reveals a method which is quite simple in it's application.

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Question: Support/Resistance Levels


Support/Resistance Levels


I've enjoyed your videos very much. I'm curious as to what you use to set your levels. Fibs? Previous swing high/lows? Fractals? I'm a relatively new trader and see how accurate your levels are and would like to emulate.

Thanks in advance,


Response from Ichimoku.Co:

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your feedback.

My primary method for setting SandR levels is swing highs and lows.

I also use Fib levels separately for retracements and expansions but use them in a very disciplined manner where I relate first time frame swings to first time frame swings, comparing like to like.

An Important Change Of Character For Bitcoin?

An important change of character may have occurred over the last few days in Bitcoin.

Since July this year, we haven't seen any sustained activity down below the Kijun Sen indicator until now. Up until two weeks ago, probes below the Tenkan Sen were rejected quite quickly to the upside with solid buying coming in. The last break out below the TS was met with failure in the immediate reaction by buyers in the bullish white bodied candle. It was a good attempt but the sellers returned quite strongly to test to the KS which hadn't seen sellers trade through there since late July. Four days ago we saw the important close of price action below the KS and the noted change of character, where the sellers were previously losing commitment below the KS, now the buyers have been losing commitment.

It suggests that a long overdue correction may be probable.

We should be looking to support at the previous major swing low around 3600 and with it being just inside the top of the Kumo (the cloud), it looks like it may be an area where we could see a pause in the 1st time frame down trend.

Looking at the hourly chart, the BBs are very wide, suggesting that we may have seen the low put in for the day and we could see a retracement back up to 4065 or possibly up to a large zone for previous support from 4120 to the mean at 4176.

Looking at the daily bands, we also see the important change of character in this market.

Where the buyers were previously trading with a strong bullish tone above the upper band and in the upper half of the bands, constantly finding significant support at or just through the middle, now, we shave seen over the last few days trading in the lower half with weak indecisive trading below the lower band. It suggests that the buyers certainly have lost the strength which saw it test the round number 5000 and with some solid bearish closes below the bands could see the above sell off come to fruition.

The weekly chart certainly does support the idea of a much-needed retracement and mean reversion but we do need to watch upper band support at 3872. A bearish close though this level at the end of the week could eventually see the round number 3000 eventually tested, whilst still maintaining a healthy higher time frame up trend.

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A sample of testimonials to Ichimoku Charts


A sample of testimonials to IchimokuCharts:

  • guest: I look for larry's solid analysis most days when I'm in doubt
  • KC: I have learned quite a bit about reading Ichimoku charts from watching your videos over the past few months.
  • ws: I have a real interest in ichimoku chart trading and figure you are one of the best at it
  • Ib: I would like to apply for the membership in order to extend my further knowledge of Ichimoku charts as i have been referred by a person that has learned a lot from your valuable time and education
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  • pb:  Thank you. Interesting on the weekly the Kijunsen called it exactly for support area.
  • ag:  very interesting!
  • ry:  The content is informative and practicable
  • guest:  Your site offers very helpful analysis for those of us working with the ichimoku cloud strategies. thanks so kindly.
  • guest:  like your clouds, analysis is great, wish you would post every day thank you ...will read your book
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