Due to popular demand we have decided to make our daily video analysis available on a consistent basis.

Over the years we have provided almost 2,000 videos which were free and were uploaded irregularly.

Time constraints meant that we could not devote our full attention to IchimokuCharts.

That has all changed.

We have now freed up time to make our analysis avaliable daily.

Check prices HERE.

We offer our GOLD MEMBERS an in-depth daily Ichimoku, Candlestick and Fibonacci video analysis of the S&P500 index, GOLD, EUR/USD, USDJPY, AUD/USD.

We also offer in depth Ichimoku Candlestick and Pivot Point analysis of the FX markets based on hourly charts.

Other securities analysis will be provided when of interest.

All of this is available for approximately $US20 per week on a monthly basis.

Yes, that's correct. Only $US80 per month.

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The team at Your Trading Edge Magazine ( ) has named in their Top 5 trading blogs from around the globe .

Mention in Reuters Article re GOLD