Are testimonials available?

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A sample of testimonials to Ichimoku.Co:

KC: I have learned quite a bit about reading Ichimoku charts from watching your videos over the past few months.
emailtom: Thanks for sharing the wonderful Technical Analysis
sc: Very insightful as always, thank you for sharing!
sc: Thank you for good guidance once again!
is: If you want to learn #Ichimoku follow @ichimokucharts and watch his videos - Larry is The Master $$
pb: Thank you. Interesting on the weekly the Kijunsen called it exactly for support area.
ag: very interesting!
ry: The content is informative and practicable
guest: Your site offers very helpful analysis for those of us working with the ichimoku cloud strategies. thanks so kindly.
guest: like your clouds, analysis is great, wish you would post every day thank you ...will read your book
JohnB: Content very good!
SS: Excellent!
GT: @IchimokuCharts you guys have a nice site good content and technical dissection of market action
GT515: @IchimokuCharts You guys post great info non stop, thanks for the awesome analysis!
ts: A good content of a forex website. Thank you.....!

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